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visual developement & illustration

visual developement & illustration


About Me

Since I was a child,I've always wished to become a successful cartoonist or a children illustrator. This is why I soon chose to study at an art specialised high school. I learned to use a wide range of techniques (watercolors, acrylics...) and, right after school, I successfully completed the three years course for cartoonists at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Rome. Now, I truly hope that the skills I've acquired over my study career will enable me to make children's dreams come true!

Recent Exhibitions

-"30 e pił artisti per Pinocchio", Vinovo Library,Sept 25-Oct 30,2012
-"30 Artisti per Pinocchio",Collodi's Pinocchio Museum (Pescia) June 7- July 8, 2012
- "50 Artisti per Pinocchio", Gianduja Museum (Grugliasco), 2012
-"Illustra Pinocchio", Davico Gallery (Turin), 2011-2012
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